Performing the Music of R.E.M.

N.E.W. Athens is a band dedicated to performing the music of R.E.M. The band includes four veteran musicians who have come together to honor one of the great American bands. The name N.E.W. athens pays tribute to Athens, GA., where R.E.M. was formed. N.E.W. athens' set list covers a wide range of R.E.M.'s work focusing mainly, but not exclusively, on the band's earliest albums. Lifelong R.E.M. fans and new fans will hear great music and have a great time.

To book N.E.W. athens, email us at or call 240-994-1309.

Do you like The Smiths and Morrissey? Check out our other band, Caligula Blushed!

N.E.W. athens at Bethesda Blues & Jazz (8/3/17)

The Band

John Ohly, Guitars/Vocals

Steve Aaron, Drums/Vocals

Will Styne, Bass/Vocals

Dana Tofig, Keys/Vocals

Photos and Videos

Jammin' Java, Vienna, Va. (1/24/17)

Photo Credits: Rob Riddle

Villain & Saint, Bethesda, Md. (11/13/16)

University of Maryland Tailgate (10/28/17)

Upcoming Shows

Sat., May 19: Villain & Saint, 7141 Wisconsin Ave, Bethesda, MD

We're excited to be back at Villain & Saint for a headlining gig with fledgling Smiths cover band Caligula Blushed (featuring Quinn, the former Moz of the now-defunct Girlfriend in a Coma). Great bands. Great music. Great venue! Tickets are $10 in advance and $12 at the door. Get Tickets

Past Gigs

Location Date
OaktoberFest Party October 22nd, 2016
Villain & Saint November 13th, 2016 Video
Ottobar January 7th, 2017 Video
Jammin' Java January 24th, 2017 Photos
Brookeville Beer Farm March 4, 2017 Photos
The Ottobar March 17, 2017 ("Yer Covered" Tribute Night)
Villain & Saint April 8, 2017 (w/ Flo Anito)
The Hamilton June 24, 2017 (Open for Start Making Sense)
Bethesda Blues & Jazz August 3, 2017 Video
Villain & Saint September 29, 2017 Photos
The Blue Side October 13, 2017 Video
The Ottobar October 30, 2017
The Hamilton December 27, 2017
The Ottobar January 6, 2018 Photos

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Thank you

The members of N.E.W. athens would like to thank everyone who has come out to our shows and has supported this project. Thanks to the musicians we've shared the stage with, including Quinn (Girlfriend in a Coma and Caligula Blushed), Ivan Katz (Mandolin), Rob Riddle (Mandolin) and Elena and Matt from Manta Rat (Pixies tribute). Special thanks to Shantel Mitchell Breen, Patrick Ryan and Rob Riddle for providing us with great photos and Will Tofig, for designing (& redesigning) and maintaining our website. And a very special thanks to Debbie, Morgan and Remi, who put up with our rehearsals!